Little Country Court

Little Country Court (1938)

An overzealous usher caught between the fronts of two other litigants against ever-girlfriends. - Humor comedy Viennese provenance with a starring role for Hans Moser.

Movies Detail of Little Country Court (1938)

✓ Title : Little Country Court
✓ Original Title : Kleines Bezirksgericht
✓ Release Date : November 10th, 1938
✓ Genre : Comedy
✓ Runtime : 105 minutes
✓ Director : Alwin Elling
✓ Writers : Otto Bielen, Erwin Kreker
✓ Companies : Astra Filmkunst, Adler-Film
✓ Country : Germany
✓ Cast : Eduard Wesener, Gusti Wolf, Erich Fiedler, Paul Otto, Karl Hellmer, Fritz Imhoff, Rudolf Carl, Lucie Englisch, Hans Moser, Ida Wüst

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Well, Little Country Court (1938) is good movie with a talanted cast and top level director. The Little Country Court (1938) itselft directed by Alwin Elling and Starring by Eduard Wesener, Gusti Wolf, Erich Fiedler, Paul Otto, Karl Hellmer, Fritz Imhoff, Rudolf Carl, Lucie Englisch, Hans Moser, Ida Wüst which made Little Country Court (1938) enjoyable to watch and spending your time alone or with family and friends.

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Little Country Court

TitleLittle Country Court
Original TitleKleines Bezirksgericht
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